Getting the Deal Through - Class Actions 2024

Lexology’s ‘Getting the deal through – Class Actions 2024’ has been released.

While class actions are well established and widely used in some jurisdictions, they are a relatively new phenomenon in others. Our litigators from across Europe and the UK have authored four chapters in Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through – Class Actions Guide, where they provide an assessment of the most recent trends and developments in class and collective actions from France, Italy, the UK and across the EU.

The full guide is available here.

The EU chapter was authored by a cross-border team of Tim Sweerts, Julie Metois, Martina Rossi, Monika Murawska, Robert PavluLauren Rasking and Taddeo Ferraro

Erwan Poisson and Julie Metois authored the France chapter.

Martina Rossi and Niccolò Bullato authored the Italy chapter.

Russell Butland, Nicholas Gomes, Elliott Glover and Charlotte Page authored the UK chapter.

A&O offers a market leading litigation practice, renowned for handling high value, complex and business critical disputes, including some of the most high profile group litigation and competition class action cases.

The Guide was first published by Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through.

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This content was originally published by Allen & Overy before the A&O Shearman merger

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