At A&O Shearman, we don’t just talk about legaltech, we use it. Fuse is our innovation space, bringing together lawyers, clients and a curated group of technology companies to explore, develop and implement technological change. 

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Pioneers in collaborative legaltech 

Fuse is where A&O Shearman supercharges digital innovation in the legal sector. It is a specially developed ecosystem for cutting-edge tech companies which are strategically important for us and our clients, now and in the future. 

Founded in 2017, it is the first permanent – and still unrivaled – incubator of its kind. Chambers and Partners’ LawTech Guide ranked Fuse as the only entry in Band 1 of the "Incubators and Accelerators” category. This is because it enables our lawyers to gain the tools, training and experience they need to work in an effective, tech-enabled manner. For our network of start-ups, scale-ups and mature cohort members, it offers an opportunity to develop and refine their cutting-edge products. 

Ambitious legaltech minds, accelerating digital change 

The brainchild of Shruti Ajitsaria, a derivatives lawyer who saw an opportunity to use technology to better serve her clients, Fuse has received over 1,000 applications from legaltech companies since its inception (with over 230 applications this year). 

Our lawyers and clients learn about, understand and contribute to a collaborative legaltech ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. Together, we experiment with, develop and test solutions to real-life legal, regulatory and deal-related challenges.  

Fuse has hosted more than 60 technology companies which cover a breadth of areas, ranging from contract automation, document analysis and data privacy to regulatory compliance, artificial intelligence and blockchain platforms. Having identified best-in-class technologies, we provide experiential learning opportunities and promote technology adoption, with eight out of 12 of the companies in the A&O Shearman LegalTech Toolkit having participated in Fuse. 

How Fuse makes a difference in legaltech 

  • Witness technology innovation as it unfolds: Fuse is a learning lab hosting demonstrations, trials, events, and seminars, enabling clients to experience technologies first-hand and brainstorm potential business applications for their business. 
  • Dream big: We seek out and support best-in-class technologies, whether they are start-ups, scale-ups or mature companies, inspiring our clients to invest in the future.  
  • Equip lawyers to identify, select and use legaltech: Our lawyers are always looking for opportunities to deliver projects and advice efficiently by harnessing the potential of legaltech. 
  • Gain early insight through our technology radar: We are continuously scanning the market to understand the digital landscape and identify future trends. We share these insights and strong supplier relationships with our clients. 
  • Place lawyers at the heart of product development: We enable our clients and A&O Shearman lawyers, to develop ideas alongside the brightest and most promising entrepreneurs in LegalTech space, creating a partnership aimed at developing practical solutions. 

Evolving how we build our credentials - digital assets 

Lawyers need to evolve not just how they work, but also what they learn about. To help us build our credentials and understanding of the digital disruption facing financial institutions, we invited some of our key clients to nominate emerging technology companies focused on digital assets. This drew recommendations from clients such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank and Laser Digital. We have continued the digital assets theme for our eighth cohort, receiving 78 nominations this year from clients such as ABN Amro, Deutsche Börse and Richemont. 

How Fuse leads in digital assets: 

  • Experience the forefront of digital asset innovation: Fuse serves as a crucible for cutting-edge digital asset developments, offering workshops, interactive sessions and thought leadership. We enable lawyers to stay abreast of the quickly evolving digital asset landscape in a practical manner.  
  • Expand horizons with expert knowledge: Fuse nurtures relationships with leading figures in the digital asset space, from pioneering startups to established industry players. This empowers our lawyers to think expansively about new and interesting questions of law affecting digital assets, new financial products and market infrastructure. 
  • First sight of digital disruption: We continuously identify emergent trends and potential disruptions by reference to our global client base. By sharing these insights and leveraging our extensive network of digital asset companies, we ensure that our clients understand what their peers are interested in and are well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities. 
  • Foster collaborative innovation: We enable our lawyers to collaborate with and learn from the brightest minds in the digital asset domain. By engaging directly with innovators and entrepreneurs, our lawyers not only contribute to the development of practical, client-focused solutions but forge strategic relationships that benefit our clients and the firm. 

We are proud to collaborate and innovate alongside our clients, working together to identify tomorrow’s leading technologies. 

“The Fuse program continues to be the leading forum for companies looking to scale at the intersection of legal, RegTech and financial services.” - Oli Harris, Goldman Sachs 

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