At A&O Shearman we promote positive wellbeing and psychological safety.  

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Wellbeing is essential to a high-performance culture – our people need to be at their best to perform and to feel fulfilled.

But it’s about more than the work we do. It’s about ensuring the right degree of rest and recuperation and making the time we spend with each other motivating. It’s about encouraging our people to bring their whole selves to the office. And it’s about creating networks in which they can find a sense of community. 

Not only do we strive to nurture an environment and ways of working that are designed to optimize wellbeing, but we also provide guidance to help our people look after themselves, and comprehensive support and early intervention strategies to avoid them reaching crisis.

We encourage open conversations 

We encourage everyone to speak openly about their mental health and to seek help with confidence, and we strive to reduce stigma and unnecessary causes of stress. 

That’s why we set up our global wellbeing advisory board, a group of partners who help to shape our wellbeing strategy, influence our leaders and report on progress against our wellbeing KPIs.  

Our mental health advocates and allies 

We also have a mental health advocates team made up of partners and senior support professionals across our global network, whose role it is to sponsor our Minds Matter program locally by normalising mental health conversations and championing working practices that support positive mental health. 

And have more than 300 mental health allies worldwide who have been trained to support colleagues and point them towards the many wellbeing resources available to them.