Flexible specialist resourcing  

At A&O Shearman, we understand that the dynamic nature of today's business environment demands a multifaceted approach to legal and technical challenges. Which is why we offer a blend of specialist resources, each tailored to provide flexible, innovative solutions that align with your unique needs. 

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Together, these elements form a comprehensive ecosystem of support, designed to empower our clients with the right expertise at the right time. 


Helping clients meet interim and long-term staffing needs, Peerpoint offers a gateway to a carefully selected pool of top-tier legal consultants, providing the agility to scale legal support in tune with fluctuating demands. Find out more about Peerpoint’s talent and service provision here.  

Project management 

In addition to orchestrating seamless delivery of A&O Shearman services, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and efficiency, our experienced project managers also deliver this service to clients directly on their in-house projects.  

Find out more about our teams’ approach to project management here.

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