Podcast: Are tax incentives the key to driving sustainable investments in the UK and beyond?

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Dec 18, 2023
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UK tax incentives for sustainable investments is the first in a series of podcasts from the Allen & Overy tax team, exploring how tax incentives are used to incentivise sustainable behaviour. Each podcast in the series will focus on a different jurisdiction, with this initial podcast looking at the latest position in the United Kingdom.

Governments worldwide are facing increasing pressure to develop policies that aid the transition to net zero and support social change. The introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, which introduced substantial tax credits has been grabbing headlines, but what are other jurisdictions doing in this space?

This podcast featuring members of our UK tax team is moderated by senior associate Gordon Hopkinson (London), this podcast features partner Charles Yorke (London), knowledge counsel Naomi Lawton (London), and associate Sadia Khan (London).

The team discuss the following topics:

  • Is full expensing, as announced in the latest Autumn Statement, the UK’s answer to the US Inflation Reduction Act tax incentives?
  • What has the UK been doing to incentivise environmentally friendly behaviours both in terms of direct and indirect taxes?
  • What is on the horizon in terms of environmental incentives?
  • What impact could government initiatives such as freeports and investment zones have in this area?
  • How is the UK encouraging social impact investing?

You can listen to the A&O Shearman podcast Are tax incentives the key to driving sustainable investments in the UK and beyond? here.

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