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Creating unparalleled opportunities

A&O Shearman is the result of combining two of the world’s most prestigious law firms into a single industry-leading firm, preeminent in all legal markets throughout the globe. Our 4,000 lawyers collaborate across 47 offices in 29 countries on six continents.

Our global reach, diversity of practice groups and people, caliber of clients, commitment to innovation and uniquely people-centered culture afford our summer associates opportunities not available at any other firm.

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The summer program experience

Work and mentorship

Training, professional development and feedback

Culture and values

Social events

Work and mentorship

Our summer program for 1L and 2L law students allows summer associates to work on real, cutting-edge work across various substantive areas, alongside a diverse group of partners and associates. Each summer associate will be paired with a senior and associate mentor, who will help integrate summer associates to the firm both substantively and socially. Summer associates will work in practice groups in which they have expressed interest during the interview and onboarding processes. Some may prefer to work in transactional groups, while others are focused on disputes. Some are undecided and will gain exposure to both types of work. Others may choose to preference a smaller, focused group versus a larger group. The best part is that you decide – and that each summer associate’s path and preferences are unique and individualized.

Some summer associates will have the opportunity to spend time in more than one firm office. For example, during our inaugural 2024 A&O Shearman Summer Program, some US summer associates will split internationally with Tokyo and London and domestically between New York and Washington. With our 48 offices across six continents, there are many split possibilities at A&O Shearman. If you’re interested in splitting your summer, we encourage you to mention this at the outset of the interview process. Office placement decisions are based on the business needs of each office and the degree of summer associate interest, so a separate interview is not necessary.

Young professionals in conversation at work

What to expect longer term

DEI, community and belonging

Mentoring training and development

Real-time feedback

DEI, community and belonging

By embracing and celebrating differences, we foster an inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable and confident.

Your unique perspective, attributes and experiences are valued at A&O Shearman. Our differences help to shape and inform the best collaborative solutions, foster rich and rewarding work environments and fulfilling working relationships, and provide valuable learning opportunities. Every day, we work to create an environment where everyone feels they can bring their authentic selves to work, and DE&I is a global priority that spans gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity and socio-economic status, along with the intersections among them. Being part of A&O Shearman means being committed to cultivating an inclusive environment for each other.

We code DE&I into our culture:
  • Our code of conduct promotes dignity, respect, and doing the right thing with integrity.
  • We foster relationships based on trust, respect, and inclusivity.
  • We encourage collaboration and value diverse perspectives.
We promote a sense of community:
  • Access to employee networks, including LGBTQ+, women in business, caregivers, people with disabilities, different races and ethnicities, and social mobility groups. These networks build relationships and help educate the firm about different groups.
  • Global events and communication series encourage inclusivity, and international offices often collaborate on events, for example, Pride.
We provide training, education and resources, including:
  • Global and local training to increase awareness, support, and allyship.
  • Programs for women at different career stages and for people from different racial/ethnic minorities, to explore and address career challenges.
  • Parental coaching and support for expanding families.