Charity support

Our global charity partnership brings the firm together to support a single charity with fundraising, free legal advice (pro bono) and in-kind support. We aim to raise more than GBP1 million through the program.

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Our current global charity partner is Women for Women International.  

Some of the money we raise will be invested in Women for Women International’s work in Iraq, where the charity will train 250 women on social and economic empowerment issues.  

Women for Women International will also increase women’s participation in their communities by supporting them to become community advocates. 

In addition, the partnership will support Women for Women International’s Conflict Respond Fund, which provides urgent support for women in critical conflict situations such as in Ukraine and Sudan. 

Alongside these activities, we are providing free legal advice and other professional support to the charity itself.  

If your organization is interested in future global charity partnerships, email us to join our mailing list. 

The Allen Overy Shearman Sterling Foundation  

Separate from our fundraising for our global charity partner, The Allen Overy Shearman Sterling Foundation funds the work of charities, social enterprises, and community interest companies around the world. The foundation is funded by contributions from A&O Shearman partners. 

Its grants cover access to justice, education and employment as well as supporting disaster relief efforts.  

There are currently three grants programs that are open for applications:  

  • London grants program 
  • Belfast grants program  
  • Global grants program  

There is no open application process for disaster relief grants, which are funded through the global grants program. We do not give funding directly to individuals. 

Our grants to charities

Access to justice grants

Education and employment grants

Global grants program

Applying for a grant

When to apply for more funding

Access to justice grants

Where should projects be based?

England, Scotland, and Wales

What type of projects are eligible?

Your work or projects must promote access to justice in the UK

What is the value of the grant?


When do applications close?

September 18, 2024

When will grants be awarded?

Autumn 2024