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Our suppliers are integral part of the service we deliver to our internal and external clients, and we nurture relationships built on mutual trust, respect and inclusivity.

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As part of our culture of excellence, we have high expectations of one another and are continuously looking to improve in everything we do. 

Our supplier management standards and code of conduct provides a suitable framework to conduct business effectively while managing our risk exposure. 

We expect our suppliers to notify our Global Supplier Relationship Team immediately should they have any concerns relating to achieving compliance with our code and/or minimum standards. 

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A&O Shearman brand usage

The Supplier shall not disclose that it is providing services or products to A&O Shearman without prior written consent.

The Supplier acknowledges that A&O Shearman does not endorse or recommend any third-party brand, service or product.

Where usage of A&O Shearman brand has been approved, the Supplier shall ensure it is not used in a manner indicating that we are recommending or endorsing the Supplier’s goods or services.