Great Fund Insights podcast: Perspectives on ESG in the Middle East with Apex ESG Ratings

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Feb 28, 2022
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Funds and Asset Management Counsel, Kamar Jaffer is joined by Andrew Pitts-Tucker, Global Head of ESG at Apex ESG Ratings to discuss ESG integration into investment decision-making, data collection, reporting and measuring impact both at a global level and in the Middle East.

Topics discussed in this podcast include:

  • The momentum building around the Middle East ESG’s agenda.
  • Observations on managers/GPs and portfolio companies including what they are doing to integrate ESG and sustainability considerations into their investment decision-making process and how they are measuring the impact.
  • The top areas of focus from a GP and investor’s perspective and how to address them.
  • The ESG outlook in the Middle East for 2022 and beyond.

This Great Fund Insights podcast will be of interest to sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, family offices, fund managers and portfolio companies with a focus on the Middle East.


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