Cinderella and the art of the possible

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Sep 28, 2023
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Last night I met Cinderella. As I entered the auditorium, there she was walking towards me, with outstretched arms and a welcoming smile. Call me shallow but all I could see were her sparkling silver slippers, which were like a glitterball among the corporate kitten heels and trainers.

I liked Cinderella instantly because I was drawn to her positivity. What I saw was a woman – an amputee – who was saying silently but proudly, “I may have a prosthetic leg but I am still going to the ball”.

People like that inspire me.

Cinderella’s real name is Caroline Mohr. She was a professional golfer who, with three weeks’ notice, was told that she would lose a leg to cancer. A little tricky for a golfer, but Caroline didn’t see it that way; she saw it as an opportunity to play golf differently, and she succeeded in doing so. She is now a global speaker and mindset coach who works with companies, leaders and individuals who are going through their own transformations.

I learnt a lot last night at this London Women’s Forum event. The mind can be a powerful or destructive force, and we can choose which. Before my eyes, I saw the art of the possible.

And you know what? I’d wager that at midnight, those silver, shiny, sparkly slippers of Caroline’s did not turn into a pumpkin, or a mouse.

Details of Caroline Mohr can be found at https://carolinemohr.eu/  

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