Diversity, equity and inclusion

By embracing and celebrating different perspectives and backgrounds, and fostering an inclusive culture, we can make a difference for our people, our clients and the wider world. 

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Diversity, equity and inclusion is a strategic priority for our firm.

In bringing together two strong legacies, A&O Shearman will continue to champion a diverse and inclusive culture where uniqueness is valued and is integral to our business. It is central to the kind of firm we want to be.

We are committed to driving change, and we are placing that determination at the heart of our work to create an environment where our people belong and excel.

A&O Shearman comprises a huge range of characteristics, backgrounds, perspectives and generations. Whether in relation to gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity, or socio-economic background, we embrace diversity and the intersections between diverse characteristics, while addressing historic representation. 

We know DE&I issues and challenges are different, and we adapt our approach to respond to local and regional nuances while pursuing a common goal. 

Among our global aims are: 

  • Having 50% women at all levels, including the most senior. 
  • Working to increase racial and ethnic diversity to reflect the communities in which we operate and the clients for whom we act. 
  • Being a truly inclusive firm for LGBTQ+ colleagues, wherever they are located. 
  • Supporting neurodiverse colleagues and those living with disabilities, working with them to address barriers and help them achieve their potential. 
  • Working to ensure that we reflect a broad range of social backgrounds. 

Everyone benefits from an inclusive environment, and we expect everyone to play their role in creating that environment.  

Data and transparency are at the heart of our approach. This enables us both to measure progress and be honest with ourselves when the progress is not what it should be. 

Our ambition goes beyond our firm. Our aim is to be a leader in driving change and demonstrating responsibility in our profession and the communities we serve.