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Eoin O'Connell

Principal Data Scientist

Eoin has worked as a data scientist, consultant, and statistician in a range of industries. Prior to joining A&O, he was at the Department of Justice & Equality in Ireland providing high-level civil servants with insights on the flow of people through the criminal justice system. Before that, he was a researcher alongside cardiologists across several hospitals in Dublin, quantifying risk factors and prognoses for patients with cardiovascular disease. He has also worked in the fields of chemical exposure modelling, nutrition & physical exercise, financial services, and consulted on many standalone research and engineering projects – from diagnosing pneumonia in Malawian infants to monitoring stock for a Spanish clothing conglomerate.He joined A&O in 2019 and works with lawyers across our practice groups, using data science techniques to increase the efficiency through which we deliver client projects, typically managing the large-scale extraction, processing, enrichment, and summarisation of data, as well as providing expert advice on technical issues.

Published Work

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-     Certificate in Financial Mathematics, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, 2014. -     MLitt in Experimental Psychology awarded with distinction, University College Dublin, 2005. -     BA(Hons.) in Psychology, University College Dublin, 2003.
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